Skivor. Såklart. Extra nöjd med det faktum att varje skiva kostade i snitt ca 22 kronor. Att betala 149 riksdaler och uppåt för en skiva är helt enkelt inte min grej.

Vissa av skivorna har jag velat ha länge. Andra kom med på ren impuls.
Rad 1 (top to bottom):
1. David & the Citizens - Stop the Tape! Stop the Tape!
2. Spiritualized - Amazing Grace
3. Kaiser Chiefs - Lap of Honour
4. Streetwaves - The Pleasure to end all Pleasures
5. Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
6. The Mopeds - The Land of the Three
7. Hello Kinski - Movers and Shakers
8. The Charlatans - Tellin' Stories
9. The Thrills - Let's Bottle Bohemia
10. Monty's Loco - Guess it's Fine

Rad 2 (top to bottom):
1. Le Mans - Rebel Action
2. Kamera - Ressurection
3. Marble! - Marble!
4. The Pirates - Land of the Blind
5. Franz Ferdinand - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand
6. Green Pitch - Ace of Hearts
7. Various Artists - Colors Nordic
8. By Divine Right - Sweet Confusion
9. The Hoosiers - Trick to Life
10. Le Sport - Tell No One About Tonight
11. Jonas Game - ADHD

this song is for the rats who hurled themselves into the ocean
when they saw that the explosives in the cargo hold were just about to blow

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